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There’s a reason that sandwiches have had a long standing role in the traditional lunchbox. They’re compact, convenient and satisfying to eat. Wraps have also made a sizable mark on our food landscape because they offer the same level of convenience. But if you’re living a gluten-free lifestyle or are on the raw vegan path, it’s not especially easy to find raw gluten-free wraps in stores. This naturally circles back to my “#MakeItYourself” campaign, where I truly believe the best way to transition to a healthier lifestyle is by learning how to make awesome recipes at home so you don’t have to rely on anyone else to feel satisfied on this lifestyle and you’re empowered with all the tools you need to feed yourself with the best food possible.

I absolutely love wraps, and I’ve come up with some pretty awesome ways to wrap up my meals that I’d love to share with you. These 4 wrap ideas are all raw, vegan and gluten-free.

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1. Raw Sun-dried Tomato Wraps

This sun-dried tomato wrap is one of my absolute all-time favorite recipes. I’m also proud to say it’s a Happy & Raw original recipe. Click here to get the full sun-dried tomato wrap recipe. I usually make a big batch of these wraps all at once. They are dehydrated, so they last at least a few months after you make them, so it’s nice to have a stash of them to have whenever you feel like it. These wraps are also a must-have when I’m traveling!

2. Plantain Tortilla Wraps

These plantain tortillas are also dehydrated raw vegan wraps that are an excellent replacement to corn tortillas. Check out the full recipe on how to make these gluten-free plantain tortilla wraps here. They make a great addition to any salad or veggie meal, and also make for a solid foundation for a Raw Mexican Fiesta. These wraps also pack extremely well for extended trips and traveling.

3. Straight Up Collard Wraps

If you’ve been to a raw food restaurant or have been on the raw vegan path for some time, you might have seen or tried to use collard wraps as an alternative wrap option. One of the reasons I love collard wraps is because they’re pretty durable and sturdy. We grow our own here in Hawaii and I like to pick them when they’re still fairly young (but big enough to wrap in) so they’re still tender and easy to chew and digest. Here’s two collard wrap recipes that I make quite frequently: Curry Collard Wraps and Beet Avocado Collard Wraps.

4. Raw Vegan Sushi Rolls

I went through a pretty major nori roll phase, and practically ate veggie sushi almost every night for dinner, for at least a few months. Here’s a link to the raw vegan and organic nori rolls that I like to use. It’s just so easy and convenient to grab a nori roll and wrap up some veggies in it. I like to add a little tahini and lemon or make a quick dipping sauce. It’s dinner in literally 5 minutes or less; now who can really beat that? When I’m working really hard, I don’t have a lot of time to spend on meal prep, so I’d rather take time to enjoy my food, rather than make it!

You can wrap up any veg you like in a nori wrap. Here’s how I usually wrap up my sushi: I lay the nori roll down (shiny side down) and then lay some nice lettuce leaves down, horizontally on the front edge so you have enough room to roll it over. Then I add some long strips of veggies like carrots, bell pepper, celery, cucumber and avocado, and then top with sprouts.

There is a big if a trick to rolling nori (the key is to start off by making smaller rolls, rather than rolls that are stuffed to the max and too hard to roll.) Tuck in the nori, and try to roll it fairly tight and then seal the edge with some lemon or a dab of water on your finger.

When you have different wrap options and play with different raw sauces and dips, there’s really no limit to what combinations you can create!

Aloha from our road trip in California!

Live Free, Laura D


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